Online business structure Planning & Execution

Set up your business for success by allowing us to design and implement a solid business plan, covering all the key areas, targeting your business objectives and market expectations, at the same time.

Tech-stack Development & Support

An all-round development and support of your data ecosystem, otherwise known as tech-stack. Our highly trained team makes sure that your technology infrastructure is well-maintained and constantly upgraded with the latest system updates.

External Chief Technical Officer services

The duties of CTO expand way beyond looking after your technology – it is an inseparableintegral part of any businesses’ strategy. Our CTO’s have a 360-degree skillset encompassing leadership, IT management, product development, expertise in software architecture, cybersecurity and project management.

Electronic Money Institution Licensing in Lithuania

Our team makes sure that by acquiring you your business e-money licence we will grant you the access to e-money market, the ability to provide secure services, as well as the spot in the market as an equal market competitor.

Information technology and cyber security training

Information technologies and Cyber Security awareness training is a process for educating employees about computer access and data security. A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT)