As technology continues to advance, the importance of chief technology officer (CTO) is increasing not by days, but by minutes. CTO now not only leads the engineering department but also plays a significant role in every step of the strategic business planning. The strategic tasks include developing technology related policies and procedures, using latest innovations to improve products and services while being focused on the end result – customers’ satisfaction.

The difference between hiring an external CTO and having someone responsible for the duties within the business is that our provided external chief technology officer services bring not only the best specialist in the field but also the vast variety of experience working on different project – with him. A good CTO is a good leader who is an expert in technology. Our CTO has a 360-degree skillset encompassing leadership, IT management, product development, expertise in software architecture, cybersecurity and project management.

To force a team of introverted programmers, extraverted designers and egocentric product owners to deliver a project on time and on budget can only intravertically extraverted and egocentric CTO

Long gone are the times where all it took was to install an iOs update and a well- functioning anti-virus system. Nowadays, technology is an inseparable part of the business strategy and keeping up with it requires the efforts of the bests in the industry. TillForty provides just that.

  • Building trust
  • Personal integration
  • Business plan
  • Performance indicators (KPI)
  • Competitive edges
  • Team management
  • Tasks management
  • QA management
  • Stand-Ups & Retrospectives
  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Development planning
  • In/Ex Human resources
  • Budgets & Funding
  • Backup planning
  • Meeting goals
  • Aligning with business needs
  • Reaching ROI
  • Launching
  • Conclusions

Online business structure Planning & Execution

Online business structure Planning & Execution Set up your business for success by allowing us to design and implement a solid business plan, covering all the key areas, targeting your business objectives and market expectations, at the same time.

Tech-stack Development & Support

Online business structure Planning & Execution Set up your business for success by allowing us to deAn all-round development and support of your data ecosystem, otherwise known as tech- stack. Our highly trained team makes sure that your technology infrastructure is well- maintained and constantly upgraded with the latest system updates.

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    From the very beginning, my curious nature led me to dive deep into each stage of the process and try to figure it all out myself. After a while, I became really good at it – that’s when I’ve decided to share my knowledge and experience with others. This ability to be deeply involved with every aspect of the business – allowed me to become one of the bests in this field.

    Sarunas StraseviciusCEO