Payment & Accounting automation

  • We aren’t representatives of one specific application – we enable your existing and newly selected applications to operate as a single system with minimal participation of employees.
  • An automated billing and accounting system refers to a set of software that bills and manage invoicing of customers without significant manual intervention.
  • Automated billing systems operate either by invoicing customers and accepting payments or automatically charging customers with an on-file payment method.

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    Start scaling your revenue with smart billing & accounting

    An automated billing system refers to a software solution that bills or invoices customers without significant manual intervention. The system works especially well in businesses that charge customers a recurring amount every month through a subscription or retainer model. Explore some of our key services below, and schedule a meeting with our sales team if you need something custom!

    Multi-optional payment workflow automation

    Payment automation is a set of payment service providers connected to a fully automated payment system to charge credit cards, checks, process direct payments, ACHs, and other electronic payments.

    Customer Billing & Accounting automation

    It's a system that enables you to automate the routine of billing and accounting. This can include invoicing, payment collection, provisioning, dunning, approvals, and customer-event triggers.

    Robotic process automation for accounting systems

    Robotic process automation is geared towards automating mundane, repetitive, rule-based processes, enabling accounting staff to devote more time to serving clients and other higher-value work.

    Apps we use for payment & billing automation

    Invoicing is the most natural part of any business process, but it consumes the maximum time of the business owner. Plus, you don’t make money by invoicing and not paying. Billing programs or invoicing software have many features that make your complex and unpaid invoicing task easier and easier. From task creation, invoicing, accounting, and team management, billing programs can make your job easier by automating everything. Explore some of our key services below, and schedule a meeting with our sales team if you need something custom!

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is workflow automation?

    Workflow automation is defining a series of tasks to complete a process and then removing all the manual steps. It’s like watching dominos fall in a cleverly orchestrated, harmonious pattern.

    Read more: Article: What is a workflow and how to automate it?

    What is workflow automation system?

    Well… We do not own any of the tools and software we work with. Basically  “workflow automation system” is the set of different tools being orchestrated to process a set of rules and deliver a fundamental benefit to an employee, department, business, stakeholders, or customer.

    What does it mean to have full automated process?

    Does it solve time-saving issues? Absolutely! Does it save costs! Definitely yes! Does it reduce human errors? Oh yes!


    Need to have in mind systems and robots are just set of rules and they doing your job very well, but need to have in mind that for example when having marketing automation – it sends a similar message to everyone, marketing automation can dial down the personalization of your business, and the messages can be mistaken for spam. At best, they’ll just be deleted. At worst, they’ll be seen as a nuisance that turns potential customers off your business. And any mistakes will be magnified; an error may go out to thousands instead of just a few recipients, without you knowing about it.


    Automation needs to be considered as an opportunity to improve many ineffective processes parts, but not as a one-time project for those parts of processes where profit/loss on money, time, resources is crucial.

    What is the benefits of workflow automation?

    The only fix that can eliminate chaos and get to your goals faster is to streamline all your tasks in a workflow. Good workflow management helps you get there. When you build, automate, and manage workflows effectively, you understand the whole picture with each and every step clearly. Workflow management systems help you streamline workflows and make processes easier.

    Here are 7 benefits workflow automation can bring you.

    • Reduced errors
    • Improved connectivity
    • Increased productivity
    • Redundant manual tasks eliminated
    • Multiple tasks juggled easily
    • Improved work culture
    • Increased trust, transparency, and control

    How long does it takes to automate company workflows?

    Before answering this question we would like to get the answers to the following questions:

    1. Does the company has any automation tools already implemented?
    2. How many different automation scenarios company aim to have?
    3. Is this a one-time project or a long-lasting collaboration to reach particular goals?

    How about the budget?

    Although the cost of automation has come down over the years, you still have to fork over some costs (usually on a subscription basis), which means an additional expense. Usually, subscriptions cost from tens to hundreds of Euros per month and sometimes these costs are being calculated per user.

    Assessing the overall budget for deploying and maintaining automation systems, monthly fees for subscriptions are the minor part compared to the strain on the team that builds automation processes and scenarios.

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