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Online business structure Planning & Execution

As a rule of a thumb is that success of a project is concealed in a well-structured plan. Quality planning involves envisioning the entire project from start to finish. The advanced planning that we provide encompasses not only a 360-degree vision but also foresees all the things that could go wrong.

Having this insight, we take all the measures to make sure that the execution of the plan is flawless. Being the leaders in innovative solutions – we provide all of this online.

Tech-stack Development & Support

High standard technology solutions require support that can only be provided by the top development and support specialists in the industry. Our highly trained team makes sure that your technology infrastructure is well-maintained and constantly upgraded with the latest system updates.

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External Chief Technology Officer services

A deep analysis and understanding of short and long-term needs of your business. We ensure to utilize your capital to make the right technology investments at the right time that will help reach the main organization objectives.

Advanced research and development program, specially designed to meet the needs of your organisation; a detailed cost-benefit analysis, as well as regular ROI examinations are a few of the many CTO services that we provide that will help to place your strategy on the path of success.

Electronic Money Institution Licensing in Lithuania

Obtaining a licence for electronic money in Lithuania can be challenging. It is a process that requires not only an incredible attention to detail as well as in-depth knowledge about the requirements and regulations, but also years of experience in.

We make this process quick and easy. Most importantly, we make sure it’s done qualitatively.

Information technology and cyber security training

Information technologies and Cyber Security awareness training is a process for educating employees about computer access and data security. A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT)

Regular training is particularly necessary for organizations with high turnover rates and those that rely heavily on the contract or temporary staff.  Confirming how well the awareness program is working can be difficult. The most common metric looks for a downward trend in the number of incidents over time.

Enthusiasm gives wings, but experience allows delivering cost-effective results in time

Most of the professionals working in the IT industry can, eventually, provide results. But only a few manage to exceed the clients’ expectations, deliver it in time and within the given budget. These are our main values;

  • Planning stage determines the success of the idea’s execution;
  • If you’re not in control of the statistics and numbers – you’re not in control of your
  • The choice of the technology determines the success of the business;
  • Our results aren’t there to pleasure you – they’re there to deliver effective
  • It’s possible to have it cheap, quick and in high quality! We only have to know
    how to manage our expectations.
  • A tool can help, but it won’t do all the work for you.

Treat the customer like you would want to be treated. Here is a result!

“When thinking about Tillforty, the first word that comes to my mind is reliable. There is not a project that I have seen them treat like it was not his own. The care he takes of his business partners is a true delight, and working with and alongside them is a real pleasure. Creative, productive and full of insight, they are the kind of persons who makes a project succeed above expectations, all with a smile. They earned my friendship and my respect, and I am positive they will earn yours too.”

Alexandre AmardPwC | Senior Manager, Management Consulting

“The main qualities of Tillforty team are: professionalism, efficiency and ability to make measured and considered decisions together. I am grateful for the really helpful, competent advice on a variety of issues. Definitely will choose as a partners in the future.”

Lukas RasciauskasCEO of

“What’s most impressive about Tillforty team is a deep understanding. They has a very high level of English and an uncanny ability to understand exactly what the needs of your business/project are. “Web needs” and “Business needs” are not always combined. Web developers often deliver ‘swanky’ sites that do not deliver results for the business, but Tillforty makes your business his priority. As a world class business ethics makes them a great asset to you when you need a strong presence that delivers for your business.”

Paula McMahonManaging director at