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Implement AI with no-code tools is up to 8x cheaper

No-code AI tools streamline the adoption of AI automation, significantly cutting down the time and expertise needed to deploy AI solutions. These tools offer pre-built templates and user-friendly interfaces that allow quick setup without extensive coding. This approach not only speeds up implementation but also reduces errors and testing time due to standardized, pre-tested components.


to build, set up and start seeing results from your first AI automation workflow


to classify and make decisions on 100 average customer tickets with AI automation


is the cost to process decision making to 100 average-size customer tickets with AI


guaranteed cost reduction on any operation automated within the first month

“Once you saw the new results, there was no way to go back”

⸻ Sarunas Strasevicius, Tillforty CEO

Does your company have a strategy and roadmap for implementing AI?

Many companies face barriers in developing clear AI strategies due to uncertainties about AI's applications and benefits, as well as concerns about implementation costs and expertise. Additionally, challenges with data readiness and a shortage of AI talent further complicate the development of effective AI strategies.

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Our AI-tomation focus areas

Finance & Accounting operations

- Digitizing purchase documents
- Automating Excel data
- Reporting financial information

Sales & Marketing operations

- Sales funnel optimization
- Personalized Marketing Campaigns
- Context-aware decision-making

Customer support operations

- AI with internal know-how
- Automated replies
- Context-based routing

E-Commerce & Delivery operations

- Shopify AI-Driven automation
- WooCommerce automation
- Business rules automation

Content publishing operations

- AI-powered content delivery
- Automated publishing processes
- Analysis of content demand

Business Analytics & Reporting

- Performance Reports
- Automated Data Standardization
- Multichannel Reporting

Have custom needs? Our Research and Development team will get into this and provide you with a customized solution along with a proposal.

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